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Ricardo Donoso - Beginning of the Shape EP

Denovali Records is pleased to welcome RICARDO DONOSO to the roster. In anticipation of the release of his new album Saravá Exu in January 2015, to be released along with Deterrence, previously available only on casette and now completely remastered, we offer the EP Beginning of the Shape as a free digital release. A further new album, Machine 2 Machine, will appear in April 2015, and a collector’s vinyl boxset release, containing the previous albums Progress Chance, Assimilating The Shadow and As Iron Sharpens Iron, One Verse Sharpens Another will follow in May 2015.


Carrying on from his highly acclaimed trilogy on the Digitalis label, “Beginning of the Shape” marks his first release for Denovali. The new EP hints at a new direction for the composer, while more experimental textures are at the forefront his sense of pacing and musical development remains intact – a perfect taste for what’s to come in the months ahead.

"Neubauten also played in Helsinki at this time. They were throwing these big metal springs at the audience… One passed very close to my head. At the end of the concert FM Einheit turned his back to the audience, and I saw him soaking a blanket with gasoline. Then he lit it and threw this flaming blanket in the audience, and that was the end of the concert. People were furious. I loved it because it wasn’t some kind of stupid rock & roll show; it was the real, real thing."

Mika Vainio on Einstürzende Neubauten, from The Quietus' recent roundup of his favorite albums.